I love you Sema
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besides liking you, iโ€™m not good at anything else.

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there is no reason for โ€œseanโ€ to be pronounced โ€œshawnโ€

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honestly i hate when people try to sugar coat shit like if you donโ€™t like me or donโ€™t wanna hang or donโ€™t wanna talk to me just fucking tell me donโ€™t keep ignoring me and expect me to figure out the hint like thatโ€™s such a bitch ass move iโ€™d rather hear it from you than be ignored 99% of the fucking time.

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arteries will always hold a special place in my heart

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"Come on, Groot, do it for the Vine."

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"Why would he do it for another vine? He has many vines."

ย - Drax, upon hearing this conversation

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This morning I found my car like this. Fuck it, it’s still summer

Welcome to Canada